2018 Suppliers List

Exclusive Drink Vendor – COCA COLA

All drinks must be purchased through Coca Cola on site unless approved by fair.

George Clark
(603) 267-9318   gclark@ccnne.com

Eric Fleming
(603) 493-3118   efleming@ccnne.com

ONLY 20 oz Bottles

It has come to our attention that an offering of Coke, that is included in our contract needs clarification.

One of the advantages of having Coke as an exclusive vendor at the Hopkinton State Fair is the availability of “Equipment”, refrigerator units to help keep Coke products cool during the fair. Our mutual commitment is if a vendor purchases 10 to 25 cases of Coke sponsored products during the fair, a single door cooler may be requested and will be provided. Ordering above 25 cases, a 2 door cooler can and will be provided.

Please understand, the refrigerators are provided to cool and tout Coke provided product. Coke has the option of pulling refrigeration units back should their use prove to be for non related or worse, competitive products.

As we approach out 2018 Hopkinton State Fair, let’s respect this relationship we have with Coke and use the equipment they provide for its intended use.

Listed below are preferred vendors for your convenience

Rymes Propane
(800) 773-0309

Dave’s Septic
(603) 668-3402

Craig Blackwell
(603) 340-6982

Milkinit Dairy Scott Hudson
(603) 216-7019